Protecting the public interest in regulated real estate transactions


Licensing - Individual Applications
Broker License (REE-041)
Cooperative License (REE-005)
Salesperson License (REE-040)
Fingerprint Instructions (REE-011)

Fingerprint Privacy Statement

Licensing - Company Applications
Branch Office (REE-070)
Corporation (REE-058
Limited Liability Company (REE-147)
Limited Liability Partnership (REE-116)
Limited Partnership (REE-148)

Partnership (REE-149)

Sole Proprietorship (REE-150)
Trust Account Notification (REE-088)

Licensing - Miscellaneous
Exam Waiver Request (REE-047)
License History Request (REE-045)
Notice of Broker Change (REE-043)
Notice of Name Change (REE-42)

Verified Complaint Form (REE-004)
Monthly 3-Way Reconciliation Form (Excel)

Monthly 3-Way Reconciliation Form (PDF)

Credit Card Payment Form (REE-060)
Materials Order Form (REE-094)
Public Records Request (REE-102)

Printed License Order Form (REE-045)

Licensee Request for Continuing Education Credit (REE-153)
Education History Request (REE-045)

Education - Instructors & Providers
Course Certification (REE-039)
Instructor Certification (REE-007)

Provider Certification (REE-037)
Change of Provider Information (REE-036)
Instructor's Request for CE Credit (REE-151)
Course & Instructor Evaluation (REE-013)
Initial Instructor Certification Application (REE-006)

E&O Insurance
Certification of Coverage (Broker/Salesperson) (REE-141)
Certification of Coverage (Company) (REE-142)

Agency Disclosure Brochure

Subdivided Lands Registration Application (REE-129)
Subdivided Lands Registration Renewal (REE-128)




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