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Prelicense Courses

Required courses for Idaho real estate licensure are listed below. All courses must be completed within 3 years immediately preceding the license application date.

Prelicense courses are offered by private education providers. Visit the Education Lookup to find a provider and schedule of prelicense courses in your area.

Salesperson license (required 90 course hours):

Sales Module 1 (45 hours) - Study of fundamental real estate concepts.

Sales Module 2 (45 hours) - Study of the knowledge and applied skills involved in listing, selling, buying and closing property.

Broker license (salesperson license PLUS minimum 90 hours):


Brokerage Management (24 hours) - How to set up and run a real estate brokerage office in accordance with Idaho law (includes BCOO).

Real Estate Law (30 hours) - Principles of Idaho law governing interests in real estate, with an emphasis on Idaho Law.

Two (2) electives from the following list: 

Real Estate Finance (30 hours) - Introduction to real estate financing, the sources and application of funds, commonly-used financial instruments, institutional structures and policies, and loan processing.

Valuation & Analysis (30 hours) - Introduction to the appraisal process and the different approaches and techniques used to determine the value of various types of property, with an emphasis on residential brokerage practice.

Idaho GRI 101/102 (counts as one elective)
Idaho GRI 201/202 (counts as one elective)
CCIM – CI 101 (credit by challenge exam does not count)
CCIM – CI 102 (credit by challenge exam does not count)
CCIM – CI 103 (credit by challenge exam does not count)
CCIM – CI 104 (credit by challenge exam does not count)

Designated broker or branch office manager (broker license PLUS required Business Conduct & Office Operations course):

Business Conduct & Office Operations (BCOO) - Review of Idaho agency law, procedures for trust accounting and maintaining transaction files in accordance with Idaho license law and rules.

NOTE: Completion of the Idaho Brokerage Management course fulfills the BCOO requirement.

Education Waivers

If the applicant has a law degree, AND the applicant is currently practicing law, the following coursework will be waived upon applicant’s written request:

For a salesperson license

    Module 1

For a broker license

    Real Estate Law

If the applicant is currently licensed as an appraiser, the following  coursework will be waived upon applicant’s written request

For a broker license

    Valuation & Analysis

To request a waiver of these courses, submit a written request to the Commission office along with proof of current licensure.


Active Duty Military?

You may be eligible for a waiver of your CE requirement for license renewal. Read the Commission's policy on exemptions for military persons, and contact the Commission if you have questions or need assistance.

To request other education waivers or an extension of time:

Contact the Education Department for instructions. Read the Special Consideration Policy for the detailed documentation required. Incomplete requests will not be considered. You may find it faster and easier to meet the statutory education and exam requirements rather than request special consideration.